Perfect Patch

Perfect Patch converts classic patchwork patterns into newly interpreted designs, using specialist techniques.
With the right tips and instructions, you too can easily create professional level works, containing your own personal touch. 

Your Path to Perfection

1: Choose a design

Perfect Patch offers you a variety of design templates.

2: Receive your pattern

You will receive your Perfect Patch pattern as a PDF file to print out yourself, or if ordered from within Germany, by mail as a paper template (delivery fees apply).

3: Make your quilt

Design your individual quilt with the Perfect Patch design templates and your own selection of fabrics. 

Design Patterns

Ocean Flames

Elegant flowing

Dancing Kites

Optical ups and downs


Illusion and vision


Depth illusion

Heart Flutter

Renewing forms

Twinkling Star

Christmas star

Rose Garden

Floral design

Design your own quilt with Perfect Patch

For only € 20 plus shipping, you will receive your chosen Perfect Patch design template.

For only € 50 plus shipping, you will receive three Perfect Patch design templates of your choice. 

Send your order through the contact form below or directly via email.


Technical Perfection 1 + 2

What do I have to look out for when processing curves?
How do I use irregular shapes smoothly and neatly?
How does my quilt hang smoothly and without waves?

All of your questions about the technical process of assembling, quilting and making a quilt, are answered within the Technical Perfection Courses 1 + 2.

Advanced level quilters can benefit from extraordinary crafting tips, taught through specially formulated exercises.

Questions about the courses?

Send your message through the contact form.

Contact Perfect Patch

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Art Quilts

Heike Dressler's creations are dynamic, color-coordinated down to the smallest detail and manufactured with precise craftsmanship.


Heike Dressler's unique art quilts are exhibited and recognized globally.